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Nepal is a country known for its Himalayan Mountains. Among the ten highest peaks in the world, eight, including the highest peak Mt.Everest, crown this country. Nothing on earth can beat the exhilaration of scaling them. No wonder Nepal is the favorite destination for mountaineers and every year more than 600 expeditions trudge up the Himalayas, including the trekking peaks.

An expedition team of France made the first expedition to Mt. Everest in Nepal in 1950. This permission allowed the team to understand the Everest well. All the Himalayas in Nepal have stood as irresistible landmarks for the world's expedition team since Nepal opened its doors to the first France expedition team in the 1950. Expeditions particularly in Nepal are quite challenging and technical. Through the British expedition team, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norge successfully scaled the top of the world's highest peak Mt. Everest the first time on 29th May 1953.

Mount Everest Expedition 

Everest base camp is situated on the Khumbu glacier at the height of 5455m. Normally, the climbing duration of the expedition lasts for 3 months. After crossing the Base camp one can climb for camp 1. 

Camp 1(6400m): It is located at the flat area of endless snow-deep crevasses and mountain ridge. During the daytime this place is warm due to direct sun's reflection. At night we hear the murmuring cracking sounds of crevasses beneath the tent. From here one has to walk camp 2. 

Camp 2 (6750m): This camp is located at the foot of the icy Lhotse wall through which one has to walk ahead amidst the violent, raging winds and sometimes-cloudy weather. 

Camp 3 (7100m): This camp is adjoined to Lhotse wall. After climbing the Lhotse wall by using fixed rope and prior acclimatization we proceed to camp 4. 

Camp 4 (8400m): This is the last camp of the Everest Expedition. From here summit is 500m distance far. It is the final and dangerous part of the climbing. Here, the wind blows violently. The normal route to reach the summit is through the narrow south - East Ridge and it precedes the south summit at 8700m.

Ama Dablam Expedition 

Ama Dablam is a small but incredibly beautiful snow- capped mountain, located south of Everest and Lhotse Vertical walls and sharp exposed ridges characterizes it. Though this mountain is only 6,812m in altitude, it requires steep ice, rock and snow climbing. The normal and most popular route to climb Ama Dablam is via classic southwest ridge. The climb requires a strong mountaineering background and previous high altitude experience. The expedition team has to pitch three high camps during the climbing to Ama-Dablam.

Dhaulagiri Expedition 

Situated in the south of Tibet-Nepal border, Dhaulagiri, White Mountain is one of the most popular 8000 m peak for climbing in Nepal. This Mountain is the 7th highest in the world. The last section of the climb from camp 4 (7,500m) is considered to be the most difficult in the expedition due to the strong wind that stops the climbers to reach summit.